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This work is based on a local life experience as a start, that is my life experience in working with many people of the tribe (Makutaay) about half a year in Gangkou village of Fengbin Township of Hualien County. Thanks to everything experienced in life, in fact, it is a complex intertexture with local politics, histories, and contemporary activities fields, on which we can see the different experiences and meanings of the world, and diverse relationship among people.

This work is through the tribal life and observation to understand tribal women under the slowly disappearing framework of the traditional matriarchal society, and to accumulate the stories from their statements in everyday listening and chatting. These stories have implied the fact of existence: the political intrusion on the central and local units, economical and political relations between locals and outsiders, and imagination or fighting each other, the rapid changes in the generation for the role of women in social transformation, etc., which have directly and immediately become a way of life and a choice. I join them as the outside bystander to share the embarrassment for their changing role, laughter and melancholy, and even love and dream.

The sound portion of the work was an oral narration by a female voice. The content was previously referred to the daily accumulation of a segment on Makutaay life events, legends, or stories.The images are common completion and implementation of their ideal bridal veil, and the desire for wedding pictures by using the camera and mutual trust.


2009 作品於個展《不只是她:港口紀事》展場樣貌
Installation views from the solo exhibition “Makutaay─Not Only Her Story”
2009.4.21-5.17 / 打開-當代藝術工作站 / 板橋 / 台灣
April 21th to May 17th, 2009
Open-Contemporary Art Center / Banchiao / Taiwan

這裡的女人都結過婚,有許多還不只結過一次,而且,她們幾乎都有好幾個孩子。婚姻像是生命中的某種必然,不少人是有了 孩子或是夫妻生活了很久才去登記結婚,更不用說大肆慶祝、渡蜜月或拍婚紗這類紀念性的活動。 但是我見到的她們,幾乎總是自己一個人。

Whenever they see me and especially carrying a camera, they often clamor for wedding photography.Most of the women here have gotten married, while some got married for more than once. They also have several children in life.Marriage is like a necessity of life. Some people only register for marriage after having children or when they have lived together for a long time, not to mention commemorative activities such as wanton celebration, honey noon or wedding photography.However, whenever I see them, they are almost always by themselves. 
〈Text: one of the readings sound at the exhibition〉

2010 作品於《台灣響起—超隱自由/ 難以名狀之島》展場樣貌
Installation views from the exhibition “Taiwan Calling-The Phantom of Liberty/Elusive Island
2010.12.17-2011.3.6 / 路德維格現代美術館 / 布達佩斯 / 匈牙利
Dec. 17th, 2010 to Mar. 6th, 2011
Ludwig Museum-Museum of Contemporary Art / Budapest / Hungary

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